Scarecrow stolen from Fredericksburg coffee shop

A Fredericksburg coffee shop is asking for help, after their scarecrow was stolen from their storefront.

Owners of Agora Downtown Coffee Shop on Caroline Street say a scarecrow was stolen from his sitting place in front of their store this past Tuesday just before 2 a.m.

The scarecrow had been part of a downtown Fredericksburg scarecrow contest and was adorned with a mustache, glasses, and his own cup of coffee.

Shop owners say they usually bring him in for safekeeping overnight, but left him out by mistake.

Cafe surveillance video shows a group of five people walking by, who yank and play with the scarecrow, before someone grabbed him and flip him over their shoulder.

Shop owners wrote a plea for the scarecrow's return on social media, but no one has turned over their straw-stuffed friend.

"We were reluctant to post the footage, and we're aware that it might not seem to be a big deal and the scarecrow contest is supposed to be a fun thing, but we did put a lot of time and effort into this scarecrow and the contest is still going on."

Shop managers say an employee was kind enough to lend clothing and other personal items that made up the scarecrow "that we would really like to get back."

"We've given lots of time for the thieves to come forward and they haven't, so if you know who this is, please tell them to bring us back our stuff or let us know who they are."

Cafe managers say they are in the process of filing a police report.