Save your Memorial Day cookout by avoiding these common grilling mistakes

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of grilling season. And though your trusty grill likely will get a workout over the course of a fun-filled summer, Memorial Day is one of the days where it simply must perform.

With that said, put down the tongs and oven mitt because you don't want to start your Memorial Day grilling until you've read Chef Terrell and home cook Brian Reeve's grilling tips.

Here are our experts' top mistakes to avoid:

6. Stack the charcoal properly and preheat sufficiently

5. Don't smash the patties, it lets all the juice out

4. Don't cook chicken on too high heat; it'll dry out

3. Let food rest before serving, don't rush from grill to table

2. Don't check the "doneness" of your meat by cutting into it

1. Don't add barbecue sauce too early

Enjoy your Memorial Day!