San Francisco police find dismembered human remains while performing welfare check on elderly man

Police in San Francisco confirm they discovered dismembered human remains as they were performing a welfare check on an elderly man.

The grisly discovery on Monday morning was made in the Outer Mission District on Del Monte Street, at the residence of 73-year-old Benedict Ching. A source told KTVU, a bloody circular saw was part of the crime scene.

The coroner's office is working to confirm the remains. It is not conclusive at this point that they belong to Ching.

Mei Chan, who lives next door to Ching, told KTVU on Wednesday that she heard several loud booms on Saturday coming from his home, but didn't know what they were about. She said he lived at the home with his daughter and two young grandsons. She shared video surveillance with police showing the daughter, a man and one of the grandsons leaving the home over the weekend.

Another neighbor said she heard arguments emanating from Ching's home at times.

"He was a very nice man," Chan said. "I'm shocked."

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is assisting with this homicide case.