Ross Mathews shares how he lost more than 50 pounds

If you are looking for motivation to get active and make 2017 your healthiest year yet, there is no shortage of success stories out there to help keep you going.

We've brought in some celebrity help to encourage you even more. In the last year, co-host of 'Hollywood Today Live,' Ross Mathews, has lost more than 50 pounds! Ross says he has always gone up and down in his weight, but this time he shed the pounds in a different way - he did it for himself.

He explains that he didn't lose the weight for a show, a program, or anything like that. Ross says he had several different "Aha moments" during those times of insecurity - he would feel moments of shame and say no to going to events because he didn't want people to see him and because he felt like a failure. Moments like those were what helped motivate Ross into making a change in his lifestyle.

Making healthier choices was a big turning point for Ross, and he did his absolute best to strategically make the best and healthiest choices throughout the day, every day. He also didn't beat himself up if he did mess up one day, instead he forgave himself.

Aside from making healthier choices, Ross took on walking. He started walking around his neighborhood and then began to notice that the weight was falling off. He is not on any specific plan, but instead eats as much as he wants, just of the right foods.

"I'm never hungry, I eat as much protein and vegetables as I want, string cheese, turkey, and carrots. So I never feel deprived, I am just not eating the Doritos," Ross explained.

We are all works in progress, making healthy choices, forgiving yourself when you mess up, and walking are Ross's key tips to a weight loss success!