Retaliation allegations surface in trial of former Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler

The trial of a former Loudoun County superintendent is underway.

Scott Ziegler is facing three misdemeanor charges following an investigation into how Loudoun County Public Schools handled two sexual assault incidents in 2021 while Ziegler was in charge. The trial, this week in Leesburg, is focusing on two of the three misdemeanor indictments Ziegler currently faces.

On Tuesday, the jury heard testimony from multiple former and current staff members of Loudoun County Public Schools. 

Most of the testimony delivered Wednesday came from a former special education teacher who testified before the grand jury in 2022. 


Judge denies motion to dismiss charges against former LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler

Former Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler walked into the courtroom Thursday with his attorney, hoping that the judge would dismiss charges against him. 

The former teacher was on the stand for several hours Tuesday, detailing a situation involving herself and a teacher’s assistant. Both reportedly alerted administrative staff about one of their students touching them inappropriately. This situation happened about a year after the student-on-student sexual assaults were reported at Stone Bridge High School and Broad Run High School.

Ziegler is accused of retaliating against her for testifying to the special grand jury and later unlawfully firing her.

Another witness who testified Tuesday was the human resources director for Loudoun County Public Schools, who discussed the difference between "probationary" staff members and those who were not. The district is allowed to not renew contracts of probationary staff members like the former special education teacher, without cause.

The trial is expected to proceed on Wednesday.