Residents voice concerns over trash collection issues in Fairfax County

Some residents in a northern Virginia neighborhood are accusing a private hauler of tossing recycling in with the trash, and they say it’s on tape.

They are now turning to social media, hoping someone will address what they describe as a trash pick-up problem.

The post that our FOX 5 crew saw says trash, recycling, and yard waste will now all be picked up at the same time on Tuesdays.

Residents are concerned that will mix everything together. 

They’re addressing the concerns about American Disposal, the company which services this neighborhood.

FOX 5 is still awaiting a response from American Disposal.

Even so, Fairfax County says they use a similar model.

A spokesperson emailed FOX 5 saying only 10% of county residents have collection. 

The remaining 90% utilize the services of private haulers including American Disposal. 

Fairfax County says its practice has been and continues to be that trash, recycling and yard waste are collected on the same day. 

However, in the county each entity is collected by separate trucks, so there is no commingling. 

Residents want trash, recycling and yard waste collected on different days and separated.