Residents search for answers over broken AC units amid summer heat

It’s a staple of summer in the DMV—the heat!

For many, air conditioners top the list of home appliances, especially in these last few days.

And when they break it can be dangerous for some and uncomfortable for many.

Fox 5 was curious what it’s like for the people responsible for making the fix.

Jason Litvak with Michael and Son says his company and its staff knows the stakes can be higher in this area during this time of year, and they work hard to answer the call. 

"We definitely see a lot of urgency during the summer months, and it’s kind of like our Go-Time, we talk to our technicians about it and say this is kind of our Super Bowl," Litvak said.

Litvak tells Fox 5 that appliance parts breaking isn’t anything new.

Some things are quick fixes, Filter changes, capacitor replacement, refrigerant leaks, crews generally have those in their trucks.

But Litvak says as air conditioning systems have gotten more efficient, they’ve gotten more complex.

"With that complexity, you’ve got more parts that are specialized for certain equipment that make it a little bit more difficult to just have every part that we possibly need on the truck or in the warehouse that we can just get to the customers and get back up and running," Litvak says.

Litvak also said those specialized parts can come from far away, that can add time, and some of the supply chain issues that popped up during the pandemic linger.


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