Residents blast Fairfax County Board of Supervisors over proposed pay hikes

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors are considering increasing how much money they make annually by more than 40%. 

Residents had the chance to give their input Tuesday evening during public comment.

The last time the board of supervisors got a pay raise was back in 2015 – eight years ago.

However, even with that understanding, many people who live in Fairfax County think it’s absurd these officials want to use taxpayer money to get a higher salary.

One resident said, "I really found that outrageously preposterous."

Applause filled the auditorium as speakers explained why they believe this is a tone-deaf move.

"Lead by example. Where’s your decency, your humanity, your humility," another woman said, 

Board members are currently earning $95,000 and want to increase their annual pay somewhere between $125 to 130,000 dollars.


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Chairman Jeff McKay is currently making around $100,000 and wants his salary to rise to $140,000 or up to $145,000. He also has a county-owned vehicle.

"I was both appalled and incensed," one person FOX 5 spoke to said. "Your positions are part-time and yet you are receiving the equivalent of full-time pay for this part-time position. Getting full-time pay for part-time work is a disservice to the thousands of full-time, hardworking employees who make significant less than $95 to $100,000 a year."

Some residents feel this is the wrong time as they deal with inflation and a rise in the cost of living.

"Some of them don’t have enough money to put the food on the table. Some of them don’t even have transportation," said a Fairfax County man. "The rest of you don’t care for us."

Others think the money needs to go towards more important resources that would protect the community like the police department. According to the President of the Southern State Police Benevolent Association – Fairfax County officers are the lowest paid in the area out of 20 different agencies.

"I’ll be candid. There’s profound disappointment," said Steve Monahan, the president of the organization.

There is also a proposal on the line that would give a 2% pay raise for all county employees, including first responders.