Reputation Management Consultants' Eric Schiffer on constructing public image

Reputation is everything, and sometimes, one misstep can ruin it all.

It's proving especially difficult in the wake of Charlottesville, after President Trump's attempt at honing a response. The result? Politicians on both sides of aisle have found some difficulties staking their own moral ground.

Eric Schiffer from Reputation Management Consultants works with celebrities and politicians to maintain and polish public personas.

"This has set off a firestorm among Republicans about their own personal reputations," said Schiffer on "The Final 5."

"They need to look at it through the prism of their own authenticity," Schiffer explained, when asked how they should approach President Trump's comments.

When it comes to Democrats, Schiffer believes the party's reliance on so-called identity politics has proven to be their downfall in recent years, saying, "they should not be the party of anti-Trump."

Schiffer says the best message could be answered by one simple question.

"What matters for voters, is what are you going to do for them?"

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