Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene responds to being stripped of House committees

Freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia responded Friday, a day after being stripped of her committee assignments by the House Democratic majority over racist remarks, her embrace of conspiracy theories, and her past endorsement of violence against leading Democratic officials.

Underscoring the political vise her inflammatory commentary has clamped her party into, nearly all Republicans voted against the Democratic move but none defended her lengthy history of outrageous social media posts.

"I'm sorry for saying all those things that are wrong and offensive, and I sincerely mean that. And I'm happy to say that. I think it's good to say when we've done something wrong," the 46-year-old congresswoman said during a press conference Friday morning.

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Greene was on the Education and Labor Committee and the Budget Committee. Democrats were especially aghast about her assignment to the education panel, considering the past doubt she cast on school shootings in Florida and Connecticut.

"If I was on a committee, I'd be wasting my time because my conservative values wouldn't be heard and neither would my district's [values]," Greene said.

Committee assignments are crucial for lawmakers for shaping legislation affecting their districts, creating a national reputation, and raising campaign contributions. Even social media stars like Greene could find it harder to define themselves without the spotlights that committees provide.

"You know what they did? They actually stripped my district of their voice. They stripped my voters of having representation to work for them," Greene said.

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News organizations have unearthed countless social media videos and "likes" in which Greene embraced absurd theories like suspicions that Hillary Clinton was behind the 1999 death of John F. Kennedy Jr. Greene responded, "Stage is being set," when someone posted a question about hanging Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

She addressed the press’ coverage of her and about politics, in general, the past few years.

"Do you want your legacy to be the platform that destroyed our nation and caused our people to hate one another? Or would you rather be a platform that told the truth, because you're given the great gift of the freedom of the press, so you can tell the truth," Greene said.

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The chamber’s near party-line 230-199 vote was the latest instance of conspiracy theories becoming pitched political battlefields, an increasingly familiar occurrence during Donald Trump’s presidency. He faces a Senate trial next week for his House impeachment for inciting insurrection after a mob he fueled with his false narrative of a stolen election attacked the Capitol.

The Associated Press contributed to this report