Razor blade traps found on popular Frederick trail

One man narrowly missed being injured by dangerous booby traps that were discovered along a popular trail in the Frederick watershed.

The man who stumbled upon the razor blades Monday afternoon told FOX 5 that he walked right into one and hit it with the tip of his boot. Had he stepped on it, he said it likely would have cut through to his foot. The wooden blocks were buried in the ground with just the sharp metal blades sticking up.

A number of people who frequent the trail near Fishing Creek Road and Hamburg Road told FOX 5 that booby traps have been found in the area off and on for at least the past two years. One resident has posted signs and organized a walkthrough to inspect the trail.

"We came out a little later today hoping that if there was something out there, not that we want anyone else to get hurt, but that they find it before we do," said bike rider Zach Brown. "There's a lot of animals out here as well, a lot of people hike. So that could be in someone's foot, which honestly I'd rather run over it with a tire than step on it."

People come to the area overlooking Frederick by the hundreds to enjoy nature and to get some exercise. What many want to know is if this was some sort of a misguided prank or if there is a bigger motive.

There appears to be some confusion over who has jurisdiction. Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police picked up the traps from the man who found them, but the City of Frederick owns the property. FOX 5 checked with the Frederick County Sheriff's Office and a representative said a meeting is planned for Thursday to determine which law enforcement agency will handle the investigation.