Rainbows, 'orbs' appear in widow's maternity photos

SPARTA, Wisconsin (KTVU) - Photos of a pregnant woman whose husband died in an auto accident last August are getting a lot of attention online.

Kelly Leuthe is expecting a baby boy in January. Her husband Jarrett, 26, died in a car crash in New Prague, Minnesota.

According to Jarrett's obituary in the La Crosse Tribune, Jarrett and Kelly were high school sweethearts and they have two other young children.

Kelly said as devastating as it was to have lost the love of her life, she had maternity photos taken. She said when she received the photos back there was a rainbow on her belly in almost every photo, "so our little man (who will be named after his daddy) is our rainbow baby. She said she truly believes her husband was there watching over her family. She says there were also "orbs" in the photos.

The photographer, Jessica Brandau, noticed the rainbows popping up in some of the photos during the shoot. She said, "Kelly and I talked about how neat/cool/weird it was, and I literally had goosebumps/was on the verge of tears for most of her session. Imagine how insane it was when I opened up the files on my computer and realized that the rainbows and orbs (yes I totally believe in orbs. Read up on them if you haven't heard of them!) show up in almost all of the photos that we took that day."

Kelly says she shared the photos because, "I just had to share how amazing it was."

According to the obituary, "(Jarrett) was excited about how his life was going and the coming new addition to his family. He was so kind and willing to help people and he is still helping people after he passed away because he was an organ donor."