Protesters demonstrate against wall, shutdown

While President Trump and House Democrats exchanged barbs on national television Tuesday night, about 100 protesters gathered across from the White House to protest both the shutdown, and the administration's policies.

The demonstrators said they were there to drown out what they see as disinformation from the White House - and they were joined by some federal workers and contractors.

One furloughed government contractor who declined to be identified said:

"I'm just kind of sitting, wondering what I should do, if I should get a part time job - it's just lasted a lot longer than I thought it was going to," she said. "I have student loans and other bills, even a little bit of debt if I'm being honest and I'm trying to pay that down and this puts a wrench in things and it's very stressful."

The protesters at the White House said they were trying to send a message that families should not be used as pawns while Republicans and Democrats bicker over border security.

They chanted "No wall, no shutdown" and urged politicians and the President to end the shutdown.

Beyond the District, the shutdown's repercussions are being felt.

A food pantry in Prince William County fears that it will soon see an influx of furloughed workers.

The House of Mercy Food Pantry and Thrift Shop has already seen some workers there, but they're concerned about a larger uptick.

"With the increase or the expected increase of people in need especially government employees that might need food for the first time we're going to need many, many donations to be able to keep up.
We're going to help people when they walk in our door. We're not going to say no. If we need to go out and buy food we will," said Jessica Root of the House of Mercy.