Prince George’s County Schools to use phased-in approach with new security measures

Earlier this summer the superintendent of schools in Prince George's County outlined enhanced security measures for the coming school year. But now those plans could be scaled back.

Last month the county's new superintendent, Millard House II, said metal detectors will be installed at all Prince George's County high schools and some middle schools by the start of the new academic year in an attempt to reduce the number of weapons being brought onto campuses.

House said that In addition to the metal detectors, all high school and middle school students will be required to use clear backpacks when they return to school in August.

FOX 5's Bob Barnard says the superintendent announced this week that the plans will be scaled back due to supply issues and other factors.

Prince George's County Board of Education Chair Judy Mickens-Murray spoke with Barnard Wednesday. "I think it's important for the Prince George's County school system to do what makes sense. And what makes sense is for us not to overreact, to listen to our community, to listen to the parents, and to do a phased in approach," she said.

"One of the things that we do not want to do is to create chaos around changed," Mickens-Murray said of the new revised and phased approach. "We want to ensure that once we implement something we can implement that in a transitional way that accommodates everyone and makes everyone feel comfortable. So I think a reasonable approach is to phase it in."