Prince George's County police officer arrested at National Harbor

A Prince George's County police officer is facing charges after an encounter with a Maryland State Trooper at National Harbor on Wednesday.

Lt. Alita Gaskill, 50, was driving an unmarked cruiser, and was not in uniform at the time of the arrest.
Gaskill is currently suspended with pay.

State Police say Gaskill was pulled over for talking on her cellphone.

According to State Police, Gaskill exited her vehicle and began walking toward the trooper.

The trooper allegedly repeatedly told Gaskill to return to her car and when she refused, he handcuffed her at the scene.

During the traffic stop, several Prince George's County officers arrived at the scene. State Police eventually identified her by her police identification card.

She faces multiple charges, including failure to obey a lawful order and resisting arrest.

This is a breaking news update - we will have additional details as they become available.