Prince George's County announces additional phase 2 reopening guidelines

Prince George's County announced additional phase 2 reopening and safety guidelines on Wednesday amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"As we announce several additional openings under our County’s Phase 2 reopening, I want to remind our residents that this virus is still present in our community. Please remember to continue following COVID-19 safety guidelines to keep yourself and your fellow Prince Georgians safe, including wearing a face mask, practicing physical distancing and washing your hands frequently," said County Executive Angela Alsobrooks. 


County officials say the following establishments and facilities are now allowed to reopen: 

• Banquet halls, receptions and meeting rooms in hotels, conference centers and similar establishments that offer dining or meeting facilities to the public may open at 50% capacity or a maximum of 150 persons, whichever is lower. No buffets will be allowed, there can be no more than 6 persons per table, and physical distancing must be enforced.

• Cigar, hookah and vape establishments may open for retail sales only (no smoking on premises) with a maximum of 1 person per 100 square feet of sales space, not to exceed 50% maximum capacity. Physical distancing must be maintained and employees must wear appropriate PPE.

• Tanning salons may reopen under the same guidelines as other personal services. Customers must be served by appointment only and only 1 customer per 200 square feet of service area, up to a maximum of 50% capacity.

• Indoor pools, both public and private, may open up to 50% maximum capacity. Physical distancing must be maintained and individuals must wear face coverings when not in the pool.

• Youth sports defined as “medium risk” may now resume in small groups, no more than nine team members and one coach, with a maximum of 100 persons in any given area. This includes sports such as soccer, baseball, and lacrosse. A full list of medium risk sports as defined by Maryland’s Sports Commission Return to Play Committee can be found online here.

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Officials say some guidelines have been revised, such as, for childcare facilities, parents are no longer allowed to enter the establishment for drop-off or pick-up. Also, face coverings are required for all persons in any public indoor location over the age of 5, previously over the age of 9. Adults accompanying children ages two through four in these establishments should make reasonable efforts to encourage those children to wear face coverings.

Finally, guidelines for large gatherings such as parades, festivals, parties, and family gatherings remain the same, limited to one person/family unit per 200 square feet or a maximum of 50 persons, whichever is lower.