PRICEY DRINK: New DC restaurant selling $125 martini

What could you buy with a $125? A nice pair of shoes? A flight out of town? A yearlong subscription to Netflix? For one brand new D.C. restaurant, $125 is the price tag for one of their signature drinks.

Claudia's Steakhouse on K Street in Northwest D.C. is selling a $125 martini. But why is it so expensive?

The drink contains Noilly Prat Ambre Vermouth, saffron bitters and three ounces of Nolet's Reserve Dry Gin. The gin is so rare that only 500 bottles are released each year around the world. For each bottle, it will run you $700.

"The botanicals on it are very aromatic," said David Bowen, the bar manager of Claudia's Steakhouse. "They are absolutely delicious."

What sparked the idea to come up with a $125 drink?

"We actually had a guest come in and say that our menu is not expensive enough for him," Bowen told us.

He said because the gin is so expensive, the profit for this cocktail is only $5.

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