President Trump tells ICE to focus on violent criminals first for deportation

Migrants who are living illegally in Chicago remain fearful of large-scale arrests and deportations. But there's no sign yet of it happening in the city or its neighborhoods.

President Donald Trump Monday said immigration enforcement raids did occur over the weekend, but did not reveal where or how many.

The president said he wants Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to focus first on migrants who are killers or otherwise violent criminals.

Turns out, that is exactly what one of his most outspoken critics says, too.

"We should focus our resources on those who are making the communities that they live in dangerous. Get rid of them first. That ought to be our priority," Senator Dick Durbin said.

But 11th Ward Republican Committeeman Carl Segvich, a strong supporter of the president, wants him to deliver on those large-scale deportations he's long promised at campaign rallies.

"Every illegal alien is supposed to be arrested, handcuffed and deported. What's so difficult to understand about that?" Segvich said.

Local activists vowing to protect violators of immigration laws say they will try to disrupt any enforcement raids that come to their attention.

"To neighbors afraid of the raids: we have your back. We are right here, your alderwoman, me as the state senator," said Illinois State Senator Robert Peters.

Immigration enforcement officials said it takes time to track down convicted criminals whom a judge has ordered out of the country.

"Two officers about eight hours -- man hours -- spent on actually targeting and making these arrests," said ICE Field Office Director Greg Archambeault.

For now, it appears, raids that do take place will not be as large as activists had feared -- or the president's supporters had hoped. They will be aimed at those who have already had their day in court and who face a final order of deportation.