President Trump takes action on opioid crisis

President Donald Trump's action on the national opioid epidemic is being hailed by some as a major step in combating addiction and abuse.

By declaring a "health emergency," existing federal monies can be redirected towards fighting the crisis and expanding access to underserved areas, many of which as being hit especially hard.

Critics believe the President should have treated it as a national emergency, which would have treated opioid abuse more in the vein of a natural disaster, enlisting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In turn, it would have opened new funding streams for combating the problem.

On Thursday's "5@6:30," Dr. Roger Klein, who is both a physician and an attorney, joined Jim Lokay and Shawn Yancy to voice his support for the plan.

"Prevention is the best medicine," said Dr. Klein, a member of the Federalist Society.

He advocates an "educational full press," enlisting the medical community to find safer ways to manage pain, parents to see the signs of addiction earlier as well as stepping up enforcement of current drug laws.