Police: Teen arrested for robbing victims after using OfferUp app

There is a word of caution if you buy and sell things online. Thieves in the District are shopping around on the OfferUp app looking for opportunities to steal your belongings. D.C. police said they have seen a string of these kinds of robberies in recent weeks with people using the app.

OfferUp is a very popular app with people looking to buy and sell items with others in their general area and you can find just about anything.

One person who lives along a very busy Riggs Road in Northeast D.C. thought she was going to buy an iPhone this past Sunday afternoon after using the app. Police said when the suspect showed up at her door, he pulled out a gun, forced his way into the home and demanded all her money.

Investigators just arrested a 17-year-old boy in connection with this burglary and three other armed robberies.

But this is not the first time this has happened and it serves as a gentle reminder to be very cautious. OfferUp even warns its buyers and sellers to know who you are dealing with through reputation and safety features.

- Never set up a meeting at your home
- Make sure if you are doing business on here to find a public place to meet. Even better, find your local police station and offer that as a meeting place
- If you have a big or heavy item to sell and someone needs to come to your house, make sure someone else is there with you for the transaction