Police searching for mystery defecator who has plagued neighborhood for more than 2 years

AKRON, Ohio - Police say a man in Ohio has been defecating on parked cars in an area of Akron since May of 2012.

The mystery defecator was going undetected until a man, who was hit by the defiant dumper seven times, set up a time lapse camera and allegedly caught the man in the act

Investigators say he has been using vehicles as his personal potty for more than two years.

"The one time when he smeared it, it was all over here, the windshield, it was all over the back of here, the mirrors, this window, the door handle," said resident Jack Karam.

Karam says he has gotten a crude awakening in his driveway at least six times over the past year and a half - most recently, last week.

"I took it down to the car wash and I had to turn my heat off because the smell was coming in through the vents of my car."

Akron police say the same thing has been happening to other residents in the Castle Homes/Kenmore neighborhood.

"There are 19 incidents that have been reported, there could be others that have not been reported, but we have 19 that are reported in the same neighborhood and the chances that all of these victims would be either related or know each other or a victim by one person would be very rare," said Lt. Richard Edwards of the Akron Police Department.

A neighbor, who did not want to be identified, is the person who caught the man in action.

He set up a time lapse camera, which Monday night, captured the suspect doing his business on his daughter's car in their driveway.

He says it's the eighth time since October.

"There are incidents of him doing this to like children's' toys out in the yard. I just want to get this guy caught, and it's not so much for me, but my whole neighborhood," said the unidentified neighbor.

"A couple of incidences, he actually opened the car up that was unlocked, got inside the car and then defecated on the seats and got out and left. It's very strange, deviant behavior at the least," Edwards said.