Police search for suspect who murdered Vivian Marrow

Officials are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a grandmother in the head in Southeast, D.C. Monday morning.

DC police say Vivian Marrow, 68, of Southeast, D.C. was not caught in the cross fire of a gun battle while she was headed to the corner store in her powered wheelchair. Instead, D.C. police now say they are looking for one gunman and investigators need more help in identifying him.

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Detectives believe a gunman, who had no regard for where he was firing, hit Vivian who was loved by many people in the complex where she lived. She was a woman some people knew simply as Miss Vivian, while others knew her as the candy lady.

"A grown man who had some sort of beef or dispute with someone else felt it was okay to fire multiple shots in this neighborhood. Well, guess what that reckless behavior has resulted in the death of a beloved community member," said Intern Chief Pete Newsham.

The shooting took place just after 10:00 a.m. on a clear cold day within feet of a DC police crime camera, but Chief Newsham declined to say whether it recorded the gunfire.

"If somebody has some specifics regarding a motive or what this beef was about we would like to know," Newsham said.

One of Vivian's three children was in the room to hear the chief's remarks. William marrow told reporters his mother deserves justice.

"Especially my grandkids and my children and last night I had to speak with my grandchildren about this situation and the way little kids, you know what I'm saying so," explained William, Vivian's son.

William says he wants someone to come forward with the information detectives need to close the case. "She did a lot of stuff for a lot of people, she always had her door open so people could come in there and sleep if they had nowhere to go you know so if somebody in that complex knows something they gonna talk, hopefully, I'm wishing and praying," William explained.

On Tuesday, Special Police Officers were checking the id's of every driver arriving at the gate of the complex where Vivian lived.

A GoFundMe account has been created for Vivian to help funeral arrangements.