Police pull puppy from hot vehicle amid DC heat wave

Police in the District are reminding people about the dangers of leaving pets inside parked vehicles after they pulled a puppy to safety.

D.C. Police tweeted a photo of a 7-month-old Yorkie named Jack they say they pulled from a parked vehicle Monday evening. "As a reminder, never leave your pet in the car unattended," police tweeted. "It only takes minutes for temps to reach dangerous levels." The dog appears to be in good health.

HEAT SAFETY: Children, Pets and Vehicles

The D.C. region has been locked in a heat wave since last week with temperatures in the 90s expected until Friday. The National Weather Service warns to never leave children, pets, or anyone with limited mobility alone in a car for even a few minutes - even in mild weather. They say temperatures inside a vehicle can rise 20 degrees in as little as 10 minutes and 50 degrees in an hour even when outside air temperatures are in the 70s.