Police investigating officer-involved shooting in Southeast DC, one man transported to hospital

An officer-involved shooting occurred in Southeast D.C. Friday morning.

Police say they received a call around 10 a.m. Friday regarding a woman who was struck with a pipe on the 1300 block of Good Hope Road.

While responding to the call, officers witnessed a male who got into the passenger side of a four-door burgundy-colored Jeep SUV. An officer attempted to stop the person who refused to exit the vehicle, according to police. 

D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee III said there was a verbal struggle and a single shot was fired. The man was still in the vehicle at the time.

"It’s too early to say, I mean it was a stop," Chief Contee said. "The person was non-compliant. And what I saw from the video as the officer was talking – asking the person to step out of the vehicle, he kept like turning, like this way. He’s seated in the passenger seat. His hands go up. It’s a lot that’s going on. What’s happening is he’s not getting out of the vehicle. So, we obviously have to investigate all of that to make a determination whether not all policies and procedures were followed."

D.C. Fire confirmed an adult male was taken to an area hospital where he is receiving treatment for his injuries. 

The investigation does not end there. Chief Contee says after the unidentified man was shot,and the driver of the SUV drove off. The police chief made a plea for that person to come forward.

"We really need to talk to you, to really put the rest of the pieces together as to what happened here," Contee said. 

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Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White also responded to the scene. 

Councilmember White said, "The area that it’s in, it’s an ongoing, problematic area right here on Good Hope Road, next to the methadone clinic. I just want to make sure there’s accountability and make sure everything is done proper in case there was any error in the shooting. Police-related shootings are always skeptical to me because we’ve got to figure out better ways to deescalate outside of shooting..."

Chief Contee said a "large quantity of drugs" was recovered from the person removed from the vehicle when he arrived at the hospital.

The woman who was hit with a pipe from the original 911 call was treated by paramedics and is being interviewed by police. Police say they are unsure of any connection to the man who was shot.

According to D.C. law, the city now has five business days to release officer information and body-worn camera video connected to this police-involved shooting. Family can object to the release of the video. The Mayor has the authority to override that decision if the public demands the video be released. 

In this case, officials say the man shot will likely be able to decide on whether the video is released.

It’s not clear if that man could face any other charges. Police did not immediately name the man shot or the officer involved.

Buses on Good Hope Rd were experiencing delays in both directions due to the police activity this morning, according to WMATA.

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