Police investigating after woman says she was assaulted on Metrobus

Kennika Jones says in all her years of riding the bus, she's never experienced anything like it.

"They knocked off my glasses, and one of my nose rings got snatched out, and I don't know these guys... I don't know who they are. I don't know why they did it," Jones told FOX 5 Sunday evening.

Jones says a group of teenage boys, who she hadn't spoken to, randomly attacked her Saturday night while she was on the Metrobus while it was en route to the Southern Avenue Metro Station.

"They looked like they were in their teens... just starting off in their teens," said Jones.

"One hit me then he ran. The other one hit me and he ran. They just hit me. One was holding the back door open so everybody could get off, so it was planned, it was premeditated... they knew what they were going to do, but it was just random for me," said Jones.

She says the guys took off, exiting the bus at an apartment building across from United Medical Center in Southeast Washington. That's when Jones called the police.

"My nose is bleeding, you know what I'm saying… My lip was swollen. I had to put ice on my face. I have a bruise on the bridge of my nose right here," said Jones.

Jones says police told her the attack was caught on bus surveillance camera, but Metro says no video is being released at this time.

"I want them to be caught so they can learn not to do this to anybody else. They have to understand that there's consequences that come along with assaulting someone, especially a man assaulting a woman," said Jones.

A Metro spokeswoman confirms an investigation is underway in this case.