'Your SUV kills!': Several car tires deflated in N. Arlington, vandals leave note explaining why

Someone in a Northern Virginia community is going around the neighborhood and deflating some people’s tires on their SUVs. The incidents were first reported by ARLnow.com.

 The Arlington County Police Department said that whoever did this owned up to it, leaving behind a message on the windshield.

Police got a call around 12:45 a.m on June 18 about two vehicles belonging to the same owner in the 4600 block of 37th Street North, that had the air pressure released from the rear, driver side tires.

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"Officers canvassed the area and located three additional vehicles with tampered tire pressure. A flyer, allegedly left by the "Climate Liberation Front," was located on the windshield of the involved vehicles," said Public Information Officer, Ashley Savage. 

Part of the flyer, a photocopy of which was shared with Fox 5’s Ayesha Khan by one of the SUV owners read:

"We have deflated one or several tires of your SUV. Don’t take it personally. It’s your car if you don’t like. You are certainly aware of the large amount of fuel it consumes, so we don’t have to enlighten you about that. But either you are ignorant of, or you don’t care about the fact that all the gas you consume by driving around your SUV in the streets of the city has devastating consequences for others."

"We won’t be selling our SUV from this because we transport a lot of kids and we carpool and we try to do our part to help the environment," said another SUV owner, who asked not to be identified. "We’re not trying to hurt it and SUVs are necessary for a lot of families in this area."

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Police said they are investigating the case. There is no surveillance video of any kind that has been turned in so far. Police also don’t believe that the act was carried by more than one person.

"I feel violated you know? When somebody goes out to your property," said a third SUV owner whose tire was deflated. "I think there’s an appropriate way to express your views. I don’t think that entails trespassing, vandalizing and causing inconveniences that may seem trivial but could turn into bigger things like an emergency."