Police: Driver slams into fire hydrant, takes off

The person driving this car in Alabama must have had a day so bad he walked away and forgot about the whole things. The problem is, that person crashed a car into a fire hydrant first.

It happened on Wednesday in Homewood, Alabama. Police said the person slammed a car into a fire hydrant and took off.

Investigators said they are classifying the incident as a hit and run because the driver simply walked away, leaving the giant mess for someone else to deal with.

VIDEO REPORT: Car crashes into fire hydrant

Video shortly after the crash shows the relentless water pounding the car, beating up the front end, and nearly ripping the hood right off.

Five water valves had to be shut down and the road was blocked for several hours.

By nightfall, the car was flooded and stuck in a giant sinkhole.

Police are still trying to track down the driver.

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