Police: Driver fell asleep, hit woman dropping off child at school

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It was a close call for a woman dropping her daughter off at school. She was hit by another car that failed to slow down as it was approaching a school zone.

We spoke to the woman's husband, who says he feared the worst, but now police say she is recovering -- all of this because a driver dozed off behind the wheel.

Friday was a school day at Alta Vista Elementary near 31st Avenue and Dunlap Avenue.

"Pretty much my wife's usual day.. dropped off my daughter as you can see, parked next to the sidewalk," said Jose Nunez.

But then a car swept by and hit the woman as she was standing by the driver's side door of her car. The driver told police he had dozed off behind the wheel.

"My daughter's always exit towards the sidewalk.. as soon as she got out of the vehicle, there was this brown Neon speeding towards school zone and lost control and hit my wife," said Nunez.

The driver also hit a pickup truck before coming to a stop. Police say the man was not impaired. He was cited for causing the crash.

Paramedics transported the woman to an area hospital. She's expected to be okay.

Phoenix Police say there is a lesson in this story. If you are approaching a school zone, you have to slow down and be very aware of your surroundings.

"It is just tragic to see people don't care about respecting the law here. If it weren't for another vehicle, there could have been more victims. Luckily, he t-boned the vehicle and was able to stop," said Nunez.