National Mac and Cheese Day: Your full guide to must-try spots in the DC area

National Mac and Cheese Day is here and FOX 5 has you covered with some of the DMV’s premier mac and cheese eateries. Here are some of the best places in the DMV to bring in the holiday.


Get a bang for your buck with an order of mac and cheese at Yard House. This massive dish comes with white truffle, bacon, chicken and is topped by a crunchy panko-cheddar crust. Be sure to pair the mac and cheese with the restaurant’s signature Nashville hot chicken for a tasty soul food combo. 

Krab King

If you love seafood, this mac and cheese is for you. Krab King in Upper Marlboro, Maryland serves an ultimate seafood mac and cheese in a cast-iron skillet that comes with colossal crab and sautéed colossal shrimp. 


Great mac and cheese comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and at Rewind, it also comes in different flavors. Rewind serves a wide assortment of different mac and cheeses, from cajun shrimp to D.C. mumbo chicken. This restaurant stays open until 2 a.m. daily and is located right off of DuPont Circle, making this a perfect late-night snack or post-club treat.

Duke’s Grocery

If there were a beauty pageant for D.C. mac and cheese, Duke’s Grocery would take first prize by a landslide. This gorgeous mac comes out of the kitchen in a cast iron skillet and is topped with a beautiful golden layer of white cheddar cheese and truffle oil. These different flavors are all brought together beautifully by Duke’s shell pasta, which provides an explosion of flavor.

Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers went above and beyond in creating their mac and cheese. Their macaroni is handmade from scratch every day and tossed in a cheese sauce that includes seven different types of cheese, then garnished with bread crumbs. Patrons can also enjoy this mac and cheese with chopped chicken tenders or crab.

Fat Pete’s BBQ

Fat Pete’s BBQ is a prime example of classic smokehouse mac and cheese. This mac and cheese is extremely creamy, well-seasoned, and has an addictive smoky aftertaste. Bonus points if you take the toppings from the brisket melt and put them on top of your mac. 


Vegan or not, good mac is good mac, and Nuvegan definitely lives up to expectations when it comes to good mac and cheese. Although it’s not technically cheese, you’d be hard-pressed trying to tell the difference. This mac and cheese is incredibly rich, packed with flavor, and completely vegan.