Picture of boy getting adopted goes viral

This story brings new meaning to the phrase "home for the holidays."

Earlier this week the story of a 3-year-old boy went viral after his new sister tweeted a picture of him getting adopted into their family.

This boy is going to get a lot of love this Christmas from his new mom and three sisters!

The bunch has had Michael for the past several months in foster care, but they say it just feels so good to make things official, especially before the holidays.

This little Arizonan may only be three-years-old, but he knows who he is.

"What's your name? "I'm Michael Brown."

But for the last few years, Michael didn't really know where he belonged.

That all changed this week when this picture was taken.

"I've been adopted!!!!!"

Michael was officially adopted by the brown family, who had fostered him the past several months and fell in love with his infectious little smile.

New mom Tara Montgomery says, it just feels right.

"He thinks his name is Michael Brown...it's been wonderful"

It's hard to tell now, but Michael used to be very shy. That is until he realized he fit right in at home with his three new sisters and mom.

After 832 days in foster day, Michael Brown is home.

A representative from Child Crisis Arizona says they will miss him, be couldn't be happier for Michael.

"And it's such a happy ending... child in need."

If you or someone you know would like to adopt a child, contact Child Crisis Arizona at childcrisisaz.org.