People across the DMV enjoy the 'last hoorah' of the summer

"This is my first time out in DC," said Ashley Suda.

She's in town from Chicago visiting a friend and a paddle boat right on the Tidal Basin is a must.

"Sightseeing, seeing the monuments, it's been really fun," said Trisha Madura.

While the ladies are checking off their "things to do in D.C." list, some locals just wanted to enjoy the nice weather.

"I saw it was 80s, 90s, 100s all across the country and it's just like beautiful, right? No real severe systems and I'm glad everyone is out enjoying it like I am," said Matthew Lightner.

Across the river in Virginia most parents were on the same page.

"We felt like it was a good way to do a final hoorah of pool time of the summer," said Jenny Goransson.

Bernard Johnson brough his kids to Old Town Pool in Alexandria to enjoy the last days of summer.

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"Get this last little hoorah in the water, a little sun," said Johnson.

Most city pools in the area will close after Labor Day.

Lindsey Bauler is already thinking of ways to keep her 5-year-old, Afton, busy this fall. 

"I guess we will move on to the museums now," said Bauler.

While others soak up the sun for the next couple of days others are staying cool.

Brandi Stevenson and her friends stopped by the AMC in Georgetown for National Cinema Day.

Movie tickets were $3 on September 3rd.

"$5.26 with tax," said Stevenson. This is an effort to get people back into theatre seats again after 2 years of COVID-19.

"Me and my friend came out to see 'Honk for Jesus' which was really good. It's actually my first time going to the movies post-pandemic, so big deal" Stevenson adds.

No matter what you decide to do this weekend, people say enjoy it and have fun.

"Happy Labor Day!" said Lightner.