Pentagon City resident creates Twitter account to call out abandoned Costco carts

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When Sarah Wohl went on a recent walk through her Pentagon City neighborhood with her husband, she counted more than a dozen abandoned Costco shopping carts, so she tweeted about it.

Those tweets turned into an account that is exponentially growing, @CartsofPCArl. Wohl uses it to poke fun at a persistent problem in the neighborhood - seemingly endless numbers of Costco shopping carts far from their home at the Costco on Fern Street in Arlington.

Not just Wohl is taking notice.

"I mean, they are all over the place, especially here in Crystal City, in Pentagon City," said neighbor Jeffrey Mason.

A recent tweet showed several carts gathered as if interested in happy hour at the outdoor patio at Epic Smokehouse. Another shows one alone outside a pizza shop.

Online publication first reported about Wohl's account.

Wohl said the carts have always been around town since she moved here two years ago, sometimes blocks from the Costco. She started the Twitter account to joke about the issue, but hopes someone will take it seriously.

"There are steps that could be taken, either locks on the carts or something Costco could do to just help be a good neighbor and be a good part of the community," said Wohl.

Neighbors said it appears shoppers do not want to deal with the packed parking lot at the Costco, so those in walking distance take the carts back to their houses and never return them.

A Costco spokeswoman chose not to comment about the rogue carts in an e-mail to FOX 5.