PAY IT FORWARD: Prince George's County seniors surprised with free month of waterworks Zumba class

A group of seniors in Prince George's County was in for a surprise when FOX 5 and Easterns Motor Group teamed up to Pay It Forward.

The waterworks Zumba class at Sport Fit in Bowie is filled with seniors who know the value of staying active and fit at any age. Jewell Webb teaches the class twice a week and is the ultimate motivator and example of being healthy.

But she tells FOX 5 she's inspired by her student's selfless commitment to their families and community.

"They are building communities with themselves and others within the community also. They are active in their churches. They're taking care of seniors. They're taking care of grandchildren and some are still working full-time or part-time," Webb explained.

FOX 5 and Easterns Automotive Group teamed up to help Pay It Forward to the group by paying the member's January fees so they can keep charging ahead toward their 2018 goals.

To learn more about Sport Fit, click here.

If you know someone who should be featured on Pay It Forward, you can nominate them here. In your email, be sure to include who they are and why they deserve to be recognized.