Pasco K9 Shep sinks teeth into fleeing suspect

Pasco County K9 Shep took down a fleeing suspect after using his teeth to latch onto the man's lower back.

Deputy Nick Carmack attempted a traffic stop on Tuesday on a stolen vehicle, but the driver fled from him and turned into a driveway. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office reports the driver and one passenger fled on foot, and the agency released body camera video of what occurred next.

Deputy Carmack is seen parking his patrol car, exiting, then opened the back door to released K9 Shep. Shep is seen taking off from the car and easily jumping over a fence to catch up with one of the suspects.
By the time Deputy Carmack caught up with Shep, his K9 had already latched his jaw onto the back of the suspect. Officials said the suspect was medically cleared and arrested.

The second suspect who fled was located by Deputy Rob Wilkins and K9 Knox. Both suspect face several charges, including grand theft auto, criminal mischief, as well as child neglect, since there was an infant in the vehicle during the pursuit. The child was also left inside the vehicle when the suspects fled.

Deputies did not say where the incident took place, but additional details are expected to be released during a 1 p.m. press conference on Wednesday.