Parents warn of potential kidnapper in Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase parents are spreading the word about a potential kidnapper in the area near the Chevy Chase Baptist Church on Western Avenue.

A concerned parent first alerted police to an incident involving their children on Friday via email, saying that a man approached their home on Colston Drive and asked their two sons if "he could give them a ride to school."

"My son, 7, said no and told him he takes the bus, and so the man said to him, 'I can give you a ride. Just tell me where you go to school,'" the email said.

The parent described the man's car as a bluish-green hatchback, similar to a Mazda 5. The suspect was described as a male in his 50s or 60s with "darkish skin, gray hair, an accent and wearing a baseball cap."

Another parent in the neighborhood said she recognized the suspect's description and said she had encountered a similar man earlier Friday morning near a bus stop on Western Avenue.

The man was trying to talk to her daughters about schools nearby, according to the email.

Both parents pleaded with local parents to be vigilant.

The Metropolitan Police Department is requesting that anyone who observes suspicious activity to immediately dial 9-1-1 or (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department's TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.