Parents of 4-month-old baby who died share their heartbreak as mystery of what happened drags on

A Metro Detroit family is sharing their heartbreak after losing their baby just four months after she was born. Warren police released body camera video, showing officers desperately trying to save little Ivah as they rushed to the hospital.

"She was born on Halloween," said Diamond Davie.

Four and a half months later, police video released showed officers responding in two minutes – and finding Davie in the driveway screaming, holding baby Ivah.

Officers immediately tried to save her – loading her into their squad car, and continuing compressions on the way to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

"I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy," Davie said.

With a hole in their hearts and so many questions – the parents are waiting on the full autopsy report.

"Perfectly healthy, as we thought, (we) attended every doctor's appointment," she said.

Children’s Protective Services and Warren police are working to figure what happened and that means, investigating what happened at home before her death.

"I’m here to be the gatekeeper, they have access to my clients through me," said Todd Perkins, the family's attorney.

Diamond, and dad Ivory Hogan, hired Perkins – all indications are that there is no wrongdoing by the family.

"We are investigating as well as law enforcement is investigating because they want to know," Perkins said.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer says his officers did everything they were trained to do, to try and save their baby.

"I want to thank them for trying to help if that’s what they wanted to do," Davie said.

But, she has mixed feelings on the Warren Police Department's decision to release body camera footage of the incident, that the parents have now ok’d to be reshown.

Their focus now, is Ivah’s funeral this Friday.

"She was bright, she was smart and we are truly going to miss her," Davie said.

The autopsy could take up to 16 weeks in Wayne County before there are any concrete answers. The family preparing for the funeral and has a GoFundMe page to help them pay for it. You can find it here, to donate.