Parent: West Potomac High School administrators were warned about possible hazing and didn't act

A parent of a former West Potomac High School baseball player says she warned coaches and administrators a year ago about possible hazing currently being investigated by the school district and police. However, her concerns were not addressed.

The parent did not want to be named for fear that her son would be identified, but she says she reported specific allegations her son witnessed that would become the subject of the current investigation.

"It didn't surprise me. I wasn't shocked to hear that there was an issue," said the parent.

Allegations of possible hazing were first acknowledged by principal Tangy Millard in an email to parents on March 10, but the e-mail called the subject of the investigation "allegations of harassment and other inappropriate behavior."

Behind the scenes, school and district staff were referring to the allegations as "possible hazing," according to internal emails obtained by FOX 5 through a public records request.

Those emails also revealed one specific hazing allegation. In an email between a teacher and administrator, the teacher alerts superiors about what a student, who knew players on the team, had shared. According to the email, one player "is known to have shut another player, a small guy apparently, in a locker and to have urinated on him."

An assistant superintendent also discussed discipline against three players as a result of the allegations, including going before the hearings office. That official also reported that police were looking into whether or not criminal charges are appropriate for at least one of those three players.

The parent who spoke to FOX 5 also said her son was one of only a handful of minority players on the team before he quit. The parent alleges that players repeatedly used racial slurs, including the n-word toward her son. She also says her son witnessed incidents in which players attempted to urinate on others.

"My son is not on the team anymore," she said. "He actually told us that he might not want to play baseball in college anymore and I directly blame the issues of that baseball team."

FOX 5 asked Fairfax County Public Schools to respond to the mother's allegations. In a statement, a spokesman wrote, "The school conducted a thorough investigation and is taking appropriate actions. By law, student disciplinary matters are confidential."

Fairfax County police say their criminal investigation into the hazing allegations is wrapping up and will be forwarded to the commonwealth's attorney, who will decide if charges are appropriate.