Owner of DC restaurant where protesters heckled Sen. Ted Cruz receives death threats

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In an email to customers over the weekend, chef and restaurateur Fabio Trabocchi said his restaurant group has been forced to hire security after demonstrators chased Republican Sen. Ted Cruz out of Trabocchi's Fiola restaurant last week.

Trabocchi also revealed he and his wife Maria have received death threats since the incident. The email suggests the backlash may have something to do with reports that the Trabocchis deny - that the restaurant leaked the information about Cruz's reservation itself.

"Our reservation lines are inundated with calls from people who are taunting our staff and threatening to destroy our restaurant. Maria and I have personally received death threats," the email said.

A security guard was visible at Fiola Monday night.

"We are now living in the aftermath of this PR disaster. The restaurants will be getting security guards for the time being to avoid similar instances. We are re-training the staff at all our restaurants on what to do in the event this happens again," the email said.

In text messages to FOX 5, Maria Trabocchi said she doesn't understand why anyone would want to hurt her family.

"We focus on hospitality not on politics, and all are welcome," she said.

Protesters with Smash Racism DC, an Antifa group, chased Sen. Cruz and his wife, Heidi, away from their dinner at Fiola last Monday.

In the email to customers, the Trabocchis reiterated that all are welcome, regardless of politics.

It is unclear how long security will be in place at the restaurants.