Operation Ride Right: DC police begin impounding mopeds, arresting drivers

You’ve seen them all over the city - on the streets, going through traffic – and sometimes parked illegally while the drivers deliver food. Well, the District has had enough, and D.C. police is cracking down on those mopeds.

The department said they’ve seen an influx of mopeds and scooters – and it’s time they stepped up enforcement for the safety of the drivers and others on the road.


Lawmakers propose bill to regulate unregistered mopeds in DC

New legislation takes aim at the proliferation of mopeds – often used for food deliveries – in D.C.

The plan is called Operation Ride Right.

With Operation Ride Right, police want to strengthen traffic safety – focusing on those motor-driven cycles that travel more than 20 miles per hour.

"They are not following the rules of the road," said D.C. police Captain Daniel Harrington. "They have to follow the same rules as motor vehicles. They have to be registered. They have to have insurance, and the operator has to have a license."

With this operation – DC police will be out in different areas of the city enforcing these rules.

On Wednesday, FOX 5 spotted officers on 14th Street and Rhode Island impounding mopeds. A number of mopeds were illegally parked by fire hydrants and in bus zones, as the drivers ran into restaurants to pick up food. There were also several drivers on the road without registration tags.

"We impounded approximately 17 mopeds and scooters and there were five arrests for operating without a permit," Harrington said.

The captain told FOX 5 that this is not about trying to punish people, but it’s all about safety and education.