#OneChipChallenge: FOX 5's Erin Como bravely accepts

Brave souls are taking on Paqui's 'One Chip Challenge' and amongst them is one of the Good Day DC anchors.

For those unfamiliar, all the challenge requires is eating a single chip-- made from the hottest pepper in the world, the Caroline Reaper! The tortilla chip has left challengers instantly regretting their decision.

The chip is said to be so spicy that it comes in a single-chip pouch with a deadly warning label. Which clearly hasn't stopped people from trying it, in fact, it's probably made them more curious.

But can it really be that hot? Hit the play button to see how Erin Como handled it:

We recommend having a gallon of milk and maybe a pint of ice cream on hand-- just in case things heated.

Would you take on the challenge?