One dead after crane collapses on apartment building near downtown Dallas

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One person was killed after a crane collapsed onto an apartment building near downtown on Dallas Sunday afternoon during severe weather.

It is believed strong winds, estimated at 70 to 80 MPH, caused the crane to fall just before 2 p.m. Sunday onto the Elan City Lights apartment building, located at 2627 Live Oak St. . One woman was killed in the collapse, and at least 5 others were injured.

The woman was found by search crews and rushed to a nearby hospital, where she later pronounced dead. Two people were in critical condition as of Sunday evening and two others were in serious condition. A fifth person only had minor injuries.

"I opened the door and saw the debris. We thought it was a tornado. The crane was coming, he told me the crane was falling. We tried to run, barely made it. The man next to me broke his neck. I helped him out of his apartment, him and his dog," one resident at the apartment said. "I'm just shocked, We're thankful to get out of there. I can say God is on my side."

Greystar, which owns both the affected property and the one under construction where the crane was located, said the city lights complex had about 470 units and was 94 percent occupied.

A Greystar representative said the company is working on hotel options for all residents who need a place to stay for the next few days. The entire complex was evacuated on Sunday afternoon after the collapse. Some of the people who live in the building were allowed back inside later in the day to take some personal belongings. FOX4 cameras captured people walking out with suitcases and pets.

"I'm highly grateful, I could have been dead. The man next door, I believe he sustained, like, very critical injuries to his neck. He could not move, he couldn't stand. Two people had to grab him and take him out," another resident said.

Jason Evans, with Dallas-Fire Rescue, said there were multiple collapses in different areas, including residential areas and the parking garage. A section of the parking garage collapsed and there were numerous vehicles on the various levels.

Officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration arrived on Sunday to begin an investigation into the crane collapse.

It's not known how the collapse may have permanently damaged the structure of the midrise complex and if wings of the building will need to be demolished or simply repaired.

Residents of the City Lights building can call 1-866-204-1483 to get more information from Greystar. Representatives will be on location at the Latino Cultural Center, located across the street from the complex, to answer questions and help tenants.