Ollie the bobcat still missing; Zoo no longer canvassing neighborhoods

National Zoo officials say they are no longer canvassing neighborhoods for a bobcat who escaped from its enclosure Monday.

At a press conference on Wednesday, officials said Ollie, the 25-pound female bobcat, was still missing and that staff members will no longer physically search the nearby neighborhoods of Woodley Park and Cleveland Park. They will, however, still respond to credible tips from residents who believe they spotted the feline. No sightings had been made overnight.

Ollie, believed to be about 7 years old, was found to be missing Monday morning when it didn't show up for breakfast. The Zoo has said that the bobcat poses no danger to the public.

While no bobcats are known to live in Rock Creek Park, which surrounds the zoo, bobcats are native to much of North America and its mid-Atlantic region. The park, run by the National Park Service, occupies more than 1,700 acres of the nation's capital.

While not known to be aggressive toward humans, bobcats could be tempted by house cats or small dogs that are left alone outside, Zoo members have said.

On Tuesday, District of Columbia schools canceled recess at 13 schools near the National Zoo because of an escaped bobcat.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.