Oklahoma woman wakes up to find coyote in her bedroom

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An Oklahoma woman was stunned when she found a coyote in her bedroom.

Bonnie Moriarty woke up in the middle of the night after hearing what sounded like a cat fight. At first she thought it was her cat and dog getting into a scuffle, but then she saw her cat and a coyote run into her room. She grabbed a nearby golf club for protection.

"My husband was out of town," Moriarty explained, "so my poor kids are upstairs and I'm screaming."

At one point, she said her miniature schnauzer came running into her room also, barking up a storm. The coyote just crouched down in a corner and remained quiet. Moriarty said the coyote most likely came from the wooded area behind her home.

"That's when I realized, 'Holy crud, I have a coyote stuck in my bedroom,'" she said.

At this point, her kids were wide awake, and she called the Bixby Police Department. Three policeman arrived and used a catcher pole to grab the coyote. Two of the offers were able to get the loops around the coyote's neck and carefully pull it outside. It was released safely back into the woods.

It's still unclear how the coyote entered her home, but Moriarty believes it may have entered through her back door after it saw her cat.