North Bethesda man was out on bond for attempted rape, when he raped another woman, police say

A North Bethesda man was out on bond for one attempted rape arrest when he raped another woman he'd met at a restaurant, according to Montgomery County police.

According to police, 29-year-old Austin Blaine Vann of Old Georgetown Road met a woman at a party in July 2017.

The woman placed items in his vehicle, but did not retrieve them.

When the woman tried to have Vann return the items, he went to her apartment, but failed to bring the items, insisting that she needed to come to his apartment to get them.

Investigators say the woman was waiting at the door for her items when Vann pulled her inside the apartment, assaulted her, and tried to rape her.

After the incident, Vann reportedly fled the area. He wasn't caught until March 1, 2018 in California
Vann was extradited to Maryland, and charged with first-degree attempted rape, second-degree attempted rape, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and fourth degree sex offense.

While he was out on Bond, Vann met another woman via social media and joined her at a bar in North Bethesda.

The victim left her drink unattended several times during the evening. According to police, the victim eventually found herself in a bathroom in an apartment building, where Vann was having sexual contact with her without her consent.

She did not recall how she arrived in the apartment building.

Police arrested Vann for the second incident in March and charged with second-degree rape.

Police are concerned that Vann may have other victims.

If you have any information that might help police in their investigation or if you want to step forward, call (240) 773-5400.