No pro-life club at school says school administrators

A Las Vegas high school sophomore took the anti-abortion movement to the classroom.

But school administrators at west career and technical academy weren't ready for what they say would be too controversial, thus, denying Angelique Clark's application to form an anti-abortion club on campus.

Now Clark is taking the issue from the classroom to the courtroom.

Her lawyers are demanding the school district reverse its decision and allow the pro-life club to stay on campus.

"I was very disappointed cause I really want to have this club and, but I was really determined to continue to fight for it because I knew that it was my right to have it," said Angelique Clark whose pro-life club was denied.

"I want this club because I think it's a really important topic in our society that not enough people talk about," Clark continued.

"They said it's too controversial, yet they allow a Christian club and a gay-straight alliance which are also considered controversial topics," said Emily Wilkinson of students for Life of America.

"To tell a 16 year old that she can't talk about abortion really is insulting," Wilkinson continued.

"Suing is an option but it's definitely something that we would, a last resort after a demand letter. It's all depending on the administration's acceptance," said Clark.

The school district released a statement saying it's looking into the situation.