New juice delivery service comes with a gift of cannabis

There is a new delivery service in town that is seeking to capitalize on Initiative 71, the measure passed last February which says you can use, buy and grow marijuana in the district, but not sell it.

This new business delivers high quality juice, which can come with a gift of marijuana on the side.

The owner of 'High Speed Delivery' says he isn't trying to break the law. In fact he says he has consulted with several lawyers in an attempt to figure out how to operate what he calls a socially conscious business within the constraints of this new law.

"High Speed is a juice delivery start up operating within the confinements of Initiative 71. We are a juice delivery start up and every delivery of juice comes with a gift of cannabis," says David Umeh, 25, CEO of High Speed Delivery.

Umeh says he started his company in Oakland, California and came here in late January to test out the market, in no time his client list has grown to more than 300 customers.

He says 74% of his orders come from the Northwest, about 20% from the Capitol Hill area and the rest from around the city.

Customers choose from just juice for $11.00, a designation called Love cost $55.00 and "Lots of Love" has a price tag of $150.00.

Umeh says in addition to the juice, the size of the gift varies, but is generally about an eighth of an ounce.

"My goal is to figure out how to do it creatively within the law to make an impact," explains Umeh.