New details emerge in murder of pregnant teenager in Capitol Heights

Prince George’s County investigators said they are still actively investigating the homicide of a pregnant woman and that there could be additional charges.

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Three people are under arrest in the killing of J’Lyn Quinones,18, including the man believed to be the father of her baby girl. The newborn was delivered in an emergency surgery and is expected to survive.

Surveillance video obtained by FOX 5 shows multiple people were nearby when the shooting happened including several people who appear to be hanging out with the two brothers arrested.

"At this point we’re still investigating what exactly people knew and what their roles were," said PGPD Homicide Lt. Shane Goudreau. "We’re looking at the video and trying to identify certain people and our goal is to figure out who knew what when."

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The video shows Quinones walking with a friend who is 17-years-old, according to charging documents. Initially they walk right by the group of people, but a short time later, they come back with Quinones running toward someone in the group and hugging them.

"We’re still investigating exactly what led them to turn around and come back," said Goudreau.

Police say the man believed to be the father of Quinones’ baby, Michael Johnson, was part of the group, but it was his brother, Malik Johnson who was the gunman. Investigators say after the women walk away, Malik fired multiple shots down Southern Ave. toward the D.C. line. The 17-year-old was injured and Quinones was provinces dead at the hospital where he baby was delivered. 

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According to charging documents, the teen who survived told police it was Michael who had threatened to kill her and Quinones in the past because he believed he wasn’t the baby’s father. Michael is charged as an accessory to murder.

Investigators say a third person arrested, Bianca McDuffie, booked a hotel room for the brothers after the fact and let them hide out at her D.C. home.

Malik Johnson is facing a list of 17 charges, including first degree murder, that could put him in prison for life.

"She had her entire life ahead of her to lead," said Goudreau. "And it was taken away by someone who knew her specifically and knew she was pregnant and decided to take out a gun and pull that trigger and shoot at a pregnant girl in broad daylight."

Some of Quinones’ friends said they know the three arrested.

"It’s just crazy how it happened, the whole situation is crazy," said Jahkya Quinones.

Family and friends gathered for a vigil on Sunday.

"She was literally just with us February for my birthday," said Constance Chase. "That was our last time seeing her."

Homicides in Prince George’s Co. have doubled for the first three months of this year over last.

Goudreau says a trend they’re seeing is personal and domestic disputes turning deadly.