New DC alcohol regulations helping local businesses

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If you like a cocktail or maybe a dessert with a little kick, D.C. leaders are making it easier for you to get it. At the same time, they are also helping business owners.

New legislation passed by the city could drive sales and tax revenue.

There is nothing like fresh and local. No, we are not talking about produce. We are talking about alcohol.

Sandy Wood is co-owner of One Eight Distilling. He and his partner transformed an old warehouse in Ivy City.

Right now, they can only sell their merchandise by bottle-to-go. But that is changing soon.

Recently passed legislation will allow One Eight Distilling and others to produce and serve by the glass at the same place.

"It will be more profitable for us and we could use every source of revenue that we can get as a startup," said Wood.

New regulations are also helping pave the wave for those who want to sell sweets with a kick.

One shop is selling Crunkcakes. They are delicious cupcakes with booze inside. The local D.C. owner told us this legislation makes selling her spiked cakes perfectly legal to those of age.

Back at One Eight Distillery, Wood said he expects his new permit soon -- maybe in a week. He plans to transform a tasting room, just steps from where the distilling takes place, into a drinking establishment. They will hire more employees and generate more tax revenue.

"The District has been really supportive and this new regulation is going to help us," Wood said.