New attorney approved for man charged in DC mansion slayings

The man accused of killing Savvas and Amy Savopoulos, their 10-year-old son and housekeeper was back in D.C. Superior Court on Tuesday. In a very brief hearing, Daron Wint told Judge Rhonda Reid Winston that he wanted to let his public defenders go and instead be represented by an attorney hired by his family.

Wint said very little in court other than telling Judge Winston he wanted Sean Hanover to represent him.

The judge then told the two attorneys from the Public Defender Service to hand over any information they have already gathered in the case.

Wint had his dreadlocks pulled back and stood handcuffed in court for a hearing that lasted just about ten minutes. The only issue was the date of the next hearing, which will be a preliminary hearing that was moved to July 2.

The prosecutors told the judge they will produce an affidavit and add some facts to the case in that hearing.

Wint is the only person charged in this case even though police said in an affidavit that there were others involved.

Outside the courthouse, Wint's new attorney said he would go through with the preliminary hearing.

As for Wint's defense and whether a plea deal may be in the works, Hanover said, "That's a great question and I will tell you honestly that I can't answer it right now because we just entered, so that's part of what we are finding out in the ensuing timeframe, so I don't have an answer for that at the moment."

FOX 5 looked into Hanover's background and spoke with other defense attorneys and prosecutors in the Washington D.C. area to see if anyone knew him, but none of the lawyers we talked to has ever heard of him.

Hanover earned his law degree from the University of the District of Columbia, but does not have a long track record handling criminal cases. In fact, his website says most of the firm's work is in the area of immigration law.

But when Hanover was asked about his experience with criminal cases outside of the courthouse, he said his firm has handled murder cases before and have one case coming up in September.

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