Neo-Nazis in Arlington commemorate 50th anniversary of George Rockwell's assassination

An Arlington community stood together against an event designed to commemorate the death of neo-Nazi founder George Rockwell on Friday.

A small group of neo-Nazis with a Nazi flag was caught on camera doing the Nazi salute outside Pizza Boli's at the Dominion Hills Shopping Center off Wilson Boulevard at about noon.

Friday marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rockwell, who founded the American Nazi Party. Rockwell was shot to death at the shopping center.

The group of seven neo-Nazis was seen leaving a wreath at the shopping center.

"You always see these things on the internet and you see all these crazy things that are happening all around the world but to actually witness something like that it was definitely different," witness Irfan Ahmed said. "It was a little spooky, a little crazy to see something like that."

Dozens of neighbors gathered in the exact same spot later Friday evening to denounce the neo-Nazi's hateful beliefs. The crowd held signs, waved at passing cars and sang songs.

"America went to Europe to free the people, to free the Jews. I can't understand that this is happening again here and that these people are coming out and showing the Nazi flag," Arlington resident Renee Gorsky said.